October 14, 2013 - Pioneer Times Staff Writer

ChengChat – Issue 3

By Kurt W. Wagner 

Again, readers, I’d like to discuss some other ways that the Cheng Library is Your Library. It is one of our top priorities to make the library relevant to you, because it is here that you will make discoveries crucial to success at WPUNJ. Take a few minutes and make the Library your library.

On the library web page (www.wpunj.edu/library) click “My Account” and sign in using your 855- number and last name. Once you are signed in, you can:  review your list of checked out items, review your list of requested/on hold items, request materials using Fetch it!, create a list of favorite titles, and add tags or comments to records.  By signing in, you’re making it your library by taking advantage of personalized features.

Optimize your use of our databases by using their customization features. Here’s an example, from the library homepage, click on the Articles and Databases tab, and click the Academic Search Complete link.  In the top blue bar click “Sign in” and create a free user account. Always sign in when using ASC and you can create multiple folders corresponding to topics, classes or research projects.  Your user account allows you to save searches and be automatically notified when new items are added. Using this, you’ve transformed the database from something anonymous to your library. Many of our other databases offer similar personalization features.

Are you overwhelmed by all of the information available on the Library page? Don’t panic! We try to make our resources simpler for you to use, and organized by topic. Click the “Research Help” tab on the main Library page. Scroll over the “Resources by Subject” list and choose a subject.  For “Humanities & Social Sciences > History” you will see an elaborate list of guides by Richard Kearney – created for specific History courses. These guides will give you quick access to books, reference materials, articles and other websites on your topic. Think of it as an individually tailored your library link.

Your library is not just about search engines and databases. The most successful students at WPUNJ establish a working relationship with one or more librarians, and schedule meetings to learn more about doing research. An hour of research instruction in First Year Experience or another hour in a sophomore or junior class is not really enough. Go to our Library Staff page at https://liberty.wpunj.edu/library/DLCdirect/liaison.cfm and find the librarian assigned to your department or subject. Call or email to set up an appointment with a subject specialist who will assist you in finding or narrowing down a topic, searching for the most relevant resources, and beginning the process of turning this all into a research paper. Take advantage of our expertise in your area of interest.

Does the library do what you need it to do? Tell us. It’s your library.


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